We wanted to share with you some top tips and tricks on keeping your laptop in top shape.

You are more likely to damage your laptop (in comparison to your PC) as obviously laptops are carried around and are portable much more regularly than a PC (if ever).

Keep the battery cool, lithium batteries naturally do wear out, however you can postpone the inevitable by keeping it cool. If you are going to be running on AC power for a while, shut down or hibernate the computer, remove the battery, and work without it.

Be extra careful about eating and drinking near or around your laptop. We have seen so many cases of spilled coffee on laptops. We admit we do also drink around our laptop, just like everyone else. But always very vigilant on the distance kept between the laptop and the liquid.

A carry case is key when keeping your laptop safe, before setting off ensure your laptop is packed properly in its case. The padded section is particularly great to keep the laptop protected from impact.

Clean the keyboard properly. When keys begin to stick, it is time for a cleaning. Shut down the PC. Keep it open as you turn it upside-down and very gently tap on the back so that crumbs fall out.

As you undoubtedly know, you are supposed keep your files backed up, your applications up-to-date, and your antivirus software current. We can’t express how important this is, please do not forget.

If you still operate Windows XP, your operating system expects you to perform more maintenance tasks than other Windows versions. We recommend defragmenting your hard drive regularly.

When you use your laptop, make sure the vents are unblocked. Never work with the laptop on pillows or cushions. If possible, put it on a raised stand that allows for plenty of airflow.

Contact us for more tips on keeping you laptop healthy, we are here if you have a laptop issue and require support.

Outsourced or In-house IT Support?

As long as there has been IT in business, the question of whether outsourced IT support or in-house is best has caused a debate.

Effectively budgeting the cost and performance of IT is key for the success of any business. If an organisations computer systems are continually breaking down or causing other problems, productivity can be detrimentally impacted.

To ensure a business runs smoothly and maintains growth, few things are as important as having the right IT staffing and systems in place. Business directors often find it very difficult to make a decision on keeping IT services in-house or outsource them to an established service provider.

In smaller businesses, or those at an early stage, it often falls to the most tech-savvy member of staff to provide unofficial IT support. This may work for a while but as systems become more complex the IT support will either evolve to the point it is beyond the individual’s skill set, or the workload becomes too large and the day job suffers.

In larger organisations an IT department might exist but can find itself bogged down fixing problems and providing user support when the business owners wants them to be focused on developing the IT strategy.

Tech Repair are here to help, we can discuss your requirements and systems with you to enable us to offer an outsourced solution, which prevents any downtown or loss of productivity.

Top Tips on Coping with ‘Zoom Fatigue’ for students and children

Distance learning is now the normal for children, this is expected to be the case for at least the remainder of the school year. Now that many students, teachers, and communities have adapted to the “new normal,” we find ourselves ogling screens and virtual platforms much more than we would have ever anticipated. Cue the new symptom or side effect of our pandemic circumstances — Zoom fatigue.

It is a known fact that “face time” can become exhausting. When you think about it, in normal social environments we do not usually maintain 100 percent front-facing, continuous eye contact. As humans we have a tendency to glance around, examine the surroundings, check in and out of the speaker’s presence, whisper to our neighbour for clarification, take notes, etc. We are actively engaged and listening attentively, even when our gaze is elsewhere.

However, with online video conferencing platforms, the camera ensures we hold our gaze constantly. This is because as humans, we tend to overcompensate our engagement.

A top tip for teachers and tutors would be to encourage random calling, as opposed to constant calls. Just as this would take place in the classroom, the responses throughout the sessions keeps the students on their toes rather than constant eye contact.

Stay Happy and Healthy throughout these unprecedented times.

Computer Usage and Mental Health

Research has proven that working on a computer screen for five hours plus a day can dramatically increase the risk of depression and insomnia.

Previous studies have focused on how too much screen time can cause physical afflictions, such as headaches, eye strain, and backache.

Now one of the biggest ever investigations into the hazards of computers in the workplace has concluded that they can also damage mental health., hugely apt for Mental Health Awareness Week.

In a three-year survey of 25,000 workers, many complained of feeling depressed, anxious and reluctant to get up for work in the mornings.

The study also revealed a huge proportion of those using computers excessively were also plagued with broken sleep and reported issues with colleagues and relationships.

The chief researcher suggested that the prevention of mental disorders and sleep disorders requires the restriction of computers to less than five hours a day.’

British research experts also suggested that working alone at a computer for hours on end could lead to a sense of isolation, even if the individual is located in a busy, bustling office environment.

It is certainly a growing concern over mental health problems caused by working with computers.

Our best advice is to where possible manage your time spent at a computer and laptop screen. Contact us for further information…

How do I take care of my Laptop Computer?

Having antivirus software is the very best defence to keep your laptop healthy. Even if you are conscious of what you download, it could still contain a virus. If you choose not to have antivirus software you run the risk of a circuit error or software problem in your system.

Try to avoid eating near your laptop, crumbs can easily fall between the keys an provide an invitation for small bugs or damage to the circuitry.

Protect the LCD display monitor by ensuring each time you close the monitor there are no small items in the keyboard, such as pencils, pens, ear phones etc. These can damage the display screen if the laptop is shut on them; the screen will scratch if the item is rough.

Avoid pulling the power cord. Tugging your power cord out from the power socket rather than pulling directly on the plug can cause damage on the cord, meaning the laptop may not charge correctly.

Don’t leave your laptop in a car, extreme temperature changes can damage a laptop, but a laptop is an inviting target for a smash and grab thief.

Contact us for more top tips on keeping your laptop safe and healthy.

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